Ville has been also working professionally as a tango DJ since the beginning of 2015. Dj Ville Hiltula had his first appearance at the Jazz Café Dizzy in Rotterdam, Netherlands, on January 9th 2015. Ville has a enormous collection of good quality tango recordings from all the major tango orchestras and years of knowledge in tango music and performing at the milongas around the world. He´s DJing actively in several countries all over the world including cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Helsinki, and big international festivals like Tango Frostbite 2017 in Helsinki. Please, don´t hesitate to contact for booking Dj Ville Hiltula also to your local milonga.

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Ville Hiltula Quartet & Martin Alvarado at Tango Frostbite 2017

Ville Hiltula & Japanese Friends live at Left Alone in Ashiya, Japan

During his last tour in Japan bandoneonist Ville Hiltula played a special project with talented local classical musicians from Kobe area, including two different line-ups in one concert program, bandoneon & string quartet and bandoneon & piano trio, together with a belly dancer as a special guest. The project was a big success, and there are plans to play together soon again. We´ll keep you posted!

Bandoneonist Ville Hiltula had a pleasure to meet maestro Pablo Ziegler in Tokyo, Japan, on September 15th 2016, when he came to listen Ville´s concert at El Choclo. They had a wonderful evening with some drinks together afterwords. Ville played the concert with his quartet together with violinist Janne Tateno, pianist Naoko Aoki and double bass player Shinji Tanaka.

Ville Hiltula Quartet with a special line-up together with Argentinean singer Martin Alvarado will perform at the Tango Frostbite 2018 festival in Helsinki, Finland, on February 17th 2018. Line-up : Ville Hiltula (bn), Mervi Myllyoja (violin), Joanna Broman (piano) & Alexander Vocking (double bass). The group played at the festival also last year. Ville will also DJ at the festival, like last year.

Bandoneonist Ville Hiltula had a pleasure to be invited to perform together with Japanese bandoneon maestro Ryota Komatsu in Tokyo, Japan, on December 23rd 2016. They had two successful sold out concerts on a same day together with the Orquesta Tipica of amazing Japanese musicians, including bandoneon maestros Satoshi Kitamura and Koh Sangji ( South Korea ).

Ville Hiltula & Ryota Komatsu Live in Tokyo, Japan

Ville Hiltula & Pablo Ziegler at El Choclo in Tokyo, Japan

Bandoneonist Ville Hiltula had the honor to become the first person ever to teach bandoneon at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland. In November 2014 he was invited to give a masterclass for bandoneon and Argentinean tango at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. During this 3 days event Ville received a lot of possitive feedback from the students and teachers, and he was invited to become a part-time bandoneon teacher from January 2015 onwards. The teaching is organised mainly through Skype so he will be able to continue touring around the world and perform actively.