¡NoEsTango! is an international tango group based in Belgium. All from different countries and musical backgrounds, they have come together to present an authentic passionate interpretation of Argentinean tango music in different styles from traditional to modern. They have been performing actively ever since in various venues around Europe with exciting contemporary tango repertoire for the concert venues, as well as a wide selection of traditional danceable tango music for the milongas.

Members of the group:


Ville Hiltula - bandoneón

Shiho Ono - violin

Anke Steenbeke - piano

Hristina Fartchanova - double bass

Based in Belgium.


Si Sos Brujo

( Emilio Balcarce )

Photo by Ivan Yohan

For more information visit the website : www.noestango.com



( Sonia Possetti )

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