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2024年8月18日 (日) 生演奏ミロンガ with ヴィッレ・ヒルトゥラ ( バンドネオン ) , 矢田麻子 (ピアノ) & 後藤雅史 ( コントラバス ) + Dj Ville HILTULA @ エイコーンスタジオin甲南山手, 神戸

2024年8月18日(日)16:30〜20:30 生演奏ミロンガ @ エイコーンスタジオin甲南山手 ✨💃🏼🕺🏼✨ (↓↓↓English below ↓↓↓)

LIVE music by 🔥

ヴィッレ・ヒルトゥラ ( バンドネオン ) Ville HILTULA, bandoneón

矢田麻子 ( ピアノ ) Asako YADA, piano

後藤雅史 ( コントラバス ) Masashi GOTO, contrabass

DJミロンガ:Dj Ville HILTULA 🎧



皆さまのお越しをお待ちしております ❣️✨






※Soft drink・ワイン飲み放題 &Snack含む



メッセンジャー:Yumiko Hiltula または Ville Hiltula まで

※ 予約不要



(神戸市東灘区森南町1-5-1 セルバB1)



JR: 甲南山手駅 徒歩5分

阪神電車: 芦屋駅or深江駅 徒歩12分

阪神バス: 森南町停留所 徒歩0分

●駐車場 2時間まで無料







16:30 会場オープン

16:30〜18:00 DJミロンガ

18:00〜18:30 生演奏ミロンガ Part1

18:30〜19:00 DJミロンガ

19:00〜19:30 生演奏ミロンガ Part2

19:30〜20:30 DJミロンガ


Sunday, August 18, 2024 16:30-20:30 Live Milonga @ Acorn Studio in Konan-Yamate ✨💃🏼🕺🏼✨

LIVE music by 🔥

Ville HILTULA, bandoneón

Asako YADA, piano

Masashi GOTO, contrabass

DJ Milonga: Dj Ville HILTULA 🎧

The live performance is scheduled to last approximately 1 hour in total. In addition, we will deliver a total of 4 hours of milonga this time, including approximately 3 hours of DJ milonga by Ville Hiltula. Please enter and exit at any time you like.

The venue is a very easily accessible dance studio located right next to JR Konan-Yamate Station (about 20 minutes from Osaka Station or 15 minutes from Sannomiya Station by JR).

We look forward to seeing you ❣️✨

●Date and time

Sunday, August 18, 2024 16:30-20:30

*Please see below for the detailed schedule of the live milonga.


3,000 yen

*Includes soft drink/all-you-can-drink wine & snacks



Messenger: Yumiko Hiltula or Ville Hiltula

*No reservation required


acorn studio

(Selva B1, 1-5-1 Morinancho, Higashinada-ku, Kobe City)

*There is a changing room in the studio.

●Access to the venue

JR: Konan Yamate Station 5 minutes walk

Hanshin Train: Ashiya Station or Fukae Station 12 minutes walk

Hanshin Bus: Morinamicho stop 0 minute walk

●Parking is free for up to 2 hours

(After 2 hours, 200 yen/hour)

●Directions from the nearest station of each line

*Aim for "Selva Konan Yamate", a large commercial facility along National Route 2.

*The milonga venue is located on the basement floor of Selva. The venue is easy to find if you go down the outdoor stairs on the National Route 2 side of Selva to B1.

●Milonga schedule

*Live milonga times may change.

16:30 Venue open

16:30-18:00 DJ Milonga

18:00-18:30 Live Milonga Part 1

18:30-19:00 DJ Milonga

19:00-19:30 Live Milonga Part 2

19:30-20:30 DJ Milonga

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