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Ville HILTULA (bandoneón) & Asako YADA (piano) Tango LIVE @ Cafetin de Buenos Aires on 10/9 !

Tango Café concert LIVE series continues @ Cafetin de Buenos Aires in October, Saturday 10/9 at 14:00 with a duo Ville HILTULA ( bandoneón ) & Asako YADA ( piano ). We have some new exciting music to play, so come to listen us. Make your reservation soon since there´s limited seats available.

Tango Café「昼下りのタンゴカフェ アルゼンチンタンゴの名曲をたっぷり聴かせます」Special Tango Osaka LIVE @ Cafetín de Buenos Aires

2021年 10月9日 ( 土 ) Open 13:30, Start 14:00

Tickets: 3,500円 ( w / 1 drink )

Ville HILTULA ( bandoneón ) & Asako YADA ( piano )

Special LIVE with music of Astor Piazzolla and other exciting modern tango composers, as well as some great traditional tango masterpieces.

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