V i l l e  H i l t u l a  &  A n k e  S t e e n b e k e

Ville Hiltula ( bandoneon ) & Anke Steenbeke ( piano ) is a tango duo in which two talented musicians put their marks on the Argentinean tango tradition. Coming from diversed musical and cultural backgrounds, these two musicians unite their collective experiences and talents to provide tango music with their own personal vision while respecting the traditions of this wonderful music.


They have been playing together for many years and performed in various countries including Netherland, Belgium and Germany.


Duo´s repertoire covers a wide range of tango styles. Having a extensive collection of old traditional danceable tango in their repertoire they also like to play Astor Piazzolla´s music as well as the music of some modern tango composers. All the arrangements are made by the duo.



Ville Hiltula ( bandoneon )  & Anke Steenbeke ( piano )

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