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Ville Hiltula  ( soloist )

Bandoneonist Ville HILTULA has performed a lot also as a soloist. His repertoire covers a wide range of different orchestral music for bandoneón and orchestra. He has also collaborated with many different orchestras and ensembles such as The Hague Philharmonic Orchestra, The Dutch Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, Amsterdam Sinfonietta, Chamber Orchestra La Tempesta, Quarto Quartet, Musiques Nouvelles and Kristjan Järvi & his Absolute Ensemble. He has also performed with pop groups Blof, El Juntacadaveres and Nuspirit Helsinki.


Ville has played as a soloist in 3 different productions of Astor Piazzolla´s tango opera Maria de Buenos Aires, at the Halle Opera House in Germany in November 2018,  and at the Cork Opera House in Ireland in June 2013, and also in Belgium during the season 2005-2006 together with Musiques Nouvelles ensemble with various shows around Belgium, and a studio recording of the complete opera which was published in 2016 by NEOS. Ville also worked together with Aurelia Saxophone Quartet and the Argentinean pianist Juan Pablo Dobal in the project called Nuevo Encuentro and made an album with them, which is called Tangón in 2006. Ville has also been touring widely all over the Netherlands together with Scapino Ballet Rotterdam during the season 2012-2013 by performing a modern version of a ballet Romeo and Julia. Ville has also performed in 2 different occasions with a Bulgarian ensemble Quarto Quartet in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2012 and 2014.  In 2017 Ville played also Martin Palmeri´s Misa de Tango in Helsinki, Finland.


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