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Ville Hiltula & Japanese Friends

Ville Hiltula & Japanese Friends is a special project with bandoneonist Ville HILTULA and talented local classical musicians from Kobe area in Japan, including two different line-ups in one concert program, bandoneon & string quartet, and bandoneon & piano trio, together with a belly dancer as a special guest.

Ville HILTULA - bandoneón

Natsumi SHIBATA - violin

Asako UEDA  - violin

Natsuki KAMO - viola

Ranna SAKIMOTO - cello

Miki YO - piano

Kerime KEIKO - belly dance

Based in Japan.

Ville Hiltula & Japanese Friends.JPG

Ville Hiltula & Japanese Friends


( Astor Piazzolla )

Ville Hiltula & Japanese Friends

Cuerdas con Fueye

( Alejandro Schwarz )

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